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Medi-Lingua 2

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Medi-Lingua 1.0 is a computer program aimed at individual learning of medical terminology. It consists of 3 elements at the moment:

1. Flashcards: You can practise your medical Latin vocabulary by thematically grouped flashcards. Click on the card to flip it and see the English definition.

2. Labeling: You can drag and drop each term to its own place in the given picture. The program allows only correct solutions, so it is ideal for individual checkup of your medical vocabulary.

3. Multiple-choice test: You can test your medical vocabulary and Latin grammar by this popular quiz game. In case of correct answer Hippocrates is nodding and you can hear an ovation, but if you give an incorrect answer he is shaking his head.

The trial version of this software is available on our website.

Try it now!

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