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Basics of Medical Terminology I. - Latin and Greek origins

By Répás László
ISBN: 978-615-80-8043-9

This textbook was written primarily for first year students of Medicine, Physiotherapy and Public Health at the University of Debrecen with the aim of providing them a brief introduction into the Latin and Old-Greek background of medical terminology. Therefore, having only a short time for such a profound topic in the 1st year curriculum, we concentrate on the parts of vocabulary that are the most important for a first year student. So, the textbook leads the student step-by-step through the basic terms of anatomical terminology, starting with the basic terms, planes and directional terms, and then going on to the terms related to the body parts and regions, continuing with the skeleton and joints, and finally it includes terms related to the muscular system.

In terms of grammar, the textbook provides only a minimal level of grammar necessary for plural and adjective formation.

In order to help build a medical vocabulary a number of different exercises follow each vocabulary unit including matching, fill-in-the-blank, odd-one-out, diagram labeling, crosswords etc.

An online interactive e-learning site related to the textbook also helps students in studying the world of medical terms. See:

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