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Szívből magyarul

By Fodor Marianna - Mezei Zsuzsa Lívia

Szívből magyarul is a coursebook specially designed for the needs of foreign students studying and living in Debrecen, but it can also be used by anyone at elementary level or as false beginners. The units in the book are centered around a story of four students who are studying at the University of Debrecen. The aim of the story is to give students real life examples of how to use Hungarian in situations they are likely to encounter in everyday life such as making friends, sightseeing in Debrecen, buying entrance tickets and train tickets, ordering in a cafe and at a cinema concession stand, travelling by taxi, and going to the market. The authors would like to get their learners talking by giving them a lot of examples for conversations combined with an ideal balance of grammar and vocabulary. To give the students a sense of progress and confidence, the book includes several other materials apart from the main lessons for more effective learning.

The book contains:

  • 11 units
  • revision lessons
  • practice tests
  • transcripts of the listening exercises
  • Hungarian-English / English-Hungarian vocabulary lists
  • answer key to the practice tests
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